Friends and Other Signs of the Apocalypse

"My name is A.P. Menzies and when I was a kid I thought I was an insignificant mass waiting to be blown away by a fiery volley of nuclear warheads."
- A.P. Menzies

Friends And Other Signs of the Apocalypse bbok front cover
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About the Book

Set in Orange County, California during the Reagan '80s, in a world shaped by a culture of new wave music, BMX bikes, wafting clouds of ganja and the fears of nuclear annihilation, FRIENDS AND OTHER SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE is a funny, satirical and startling collection of letters, poems, illustrations and musings on a generation of kids lost in the myth of privilege and the legacy of suburban sprawl.

Complimenting the writings are fourteen illustrations by Mari Araki depicting post-apocalyptic SoCal life after the end of the world.

About The Writer

A.P. Menzies spent his teens in the Southern California indie rock scene playing shows with bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre and Sublime before exiling himself from the Orange County ska punk scene and escaping to art school.

At that point A.P. decided to become a writer, and since then a lot of awesome and appalling things have ensued. He currently resides in Austin, Texas spending his time ranching, recording and writing.

Read a short story and poems from the book.

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